Admissions and in year transition


An application from every age group considered

The school has five, mixed age classes. Children enter the school in the year that they turn five years of age and leave at the end of the year when they turn eleven. We warmly welcome applications from all parents whether living within the catchment area or outside.

What you should do if you would like your child/children to attend our school

Admissions front page


Click on the image for guidance on applications for Reception in September 2018 or by telephoning 01905 822700.

Please do also contact the school office to arrange a visit on 01886 888201.



Application for a place at our Pre-School can be made by contacting the school office (01886 888201) or the Pre-School directly on 01886 889127. Admission/Registration Form

Mid-Year admissions:

If you would like to explore whether we have spaces available at our popular school then please do contact the school office to discuss your needs.

CA1 paper application forms are also available to download from the website.

Application forms should be sent to us here at Martley CE Primary school (see contact page for address details).


Transition is a natural part of growing up and life. As adults we continue to make ‘transitions’ as we start new jobs, move house to a new neighbourhood, join new social groups etc. So, at Martley, we place great emphasis on ‘transition’ as we recognise it is a life skill and not something that just happens at the start or end of the school year.

Transition is a process and not an event at Martley!

‘Transition’ happens at many different points throughout the lives of children in school. The main ‘formal’ transition points are:

preschool transitionStarting Pre-school to main school. From one year group to the next

1. From one class to the next

2. From Primary to Secondary

3. Transfer from another school

Transition for our youngest children:


By the very nature of the on-site facilities the children and families are given a continual ‘drip-feed’ effect of experience at school and at pre-school as the children and families see each other every day on the school site. Over the course of the time at pre-school many informal and formal opportunities are built in throughout the year which means that the actual process of moving from pre-school to main school is rarely a ‘big’ issue. We work hard to ensure that everyone’s needs are met and families feel secure so that they fully understand and are involved in the process.

We provide opportunities for families and the children to ‘experience’ life in school throughout the year and especially in the Summer term, including shared sessions in school, some shared playtimes and lunchtimes for the children. We also have shared visits to church and we develop a ‘buddy’ system with some of our older children to help create a smooth transition process for everyone.

Within school transfer:

Front of schoolWe are a small village school and have mixed age classes throughout the school. This means that at the end of each academic year the children do not necessarily move classrooms when they move to the next year group. We have 5 classrooms and 7 year groups so children naturally will be taught in the same base for some of their primary school career. The curriculum that they cover each year though is age appropriate and is on a rolling programme so they do not repeat any work previously covered. The close knit nature of our school ensures that we have good transition between classes and, throughout their time at primary school, they naturally have many opportunities to work with children and staff from other year groups so knowledge and understanding of children’s need and experiences of a range of adults for the children ensure that transition again is smooth and productive. Naturally there are more formal opportunities for information and shared experiences planned throughout the year and in particularly in the Summer term, supported by regular parent’s information meetings and regular reporting.

Primary to Secondary school transfer

Picturesque Martley

Picturesque Martley

We have excellent links with many of the local High schools and most notably The Chantry High school. Our geographical location (immediately opposite the Chantry High school) means that the children again have a daily experience of a high school and consequently much of the ‘mystery’ surrounding High school has been naturally dispelled before the formal transition actually occurs. Also, as a cluster, we provide many opportunities, right from Reception to Year 6, where the children visit the High school and take part in cluster events with their peers from other local schools. These include sporting and musical activities and are an essential feature of the children’s curriculum experience at Martley.


We also participate in shared Year 6 residential experience with some of the children from local cluster schools and participate in other events such as bell-boating to ensure that friendship groups are broadened in anticipation of the move to High school. In addition, there are also the more formal transition activities which help to share information between schools and home, including induction visits and visits from staff between the settings, before, during and after transition.

We also have good links with other local high schools and ensure that we liaise fully for every individual child as well as providing opportunities for the children to informally and formally visit these schools too.

Transition from another school

We are a popular school and regularly have children and families join us at various times throughout the academic year. Our children and staff are really good at welcoming new families to our school. We always offer opportunities to visit school to discuss your children’s and family needs to help you make an informed decision before moving. We offer induction days and will always liaise fully with families and their current school. We ensure that each child has a buddy with whom they can work and play with during the transition and early school days in their new environment. We are always happy to listen to and discuss children and family needs to ensure that we can provide the best possible transition experience. This can also include us visiting children and staff in their current settings.

Our ‘Transition Policy’ provides more details of what we do at each stage, but the best way to find out more is to contact us at school so that we can answer your specific questions and arrange for you to visit us.