All about the House Captains!

Welcome to the House Captains page for Martley C of E Primary School.

Meet the team:

Back row left to right: Ella, Luka, Sophie, Lana Centre row left to right: Bethany, Beth, Ribh Front: Molly


Donaldson: Luka & Ella 

Rosen: Lana & Beth

Morpurgo: Molly & Bethany

Dahl: Ribh & Sophie

About Us:

We are a dedicated team of eight who were voted in by our fellow Year 6’s. To get voted in, all the Year 6’s were given four small pieces of paper, and were asked to write one person from each house they thought would do the best job of being a House Captain. The top two people from each House were made House Captains.   As House Captains, we are in charge of our Houses (with the help of our teachers, of course!); we all lead our House Assemblies which occur at least once every half-term. Also, we compete against each other in sports day and lead our House to victory. Last year, Dahl came out on top of the competition.


”My House Captains are good because they are organised, get people involved and are really nice people!” Bailey, Rosen.

”My House Captains are always prepared and never stressed they know how to include everyone.” Coco, Dahl.

”My House Captains are very good at leading house assemblies but because we have only done assembly I am sure they will get better at their job.” Tilly & Guy, Donaldson.

”We all work as a team and  everybody has a job ” Ellie, Morpurgo

Ella : She is a kind, helpful person in all situations , whenever anybody needs help she is there.(Donaldson)

Luka: He is always active, compassionate and likes to help others.

Lana: She is a lovely person. She cares for everyone, no matter what.(Rosen)

Beth: She always knows what to do in sticky situations and always has a sensible head.

Molly: She has a sensible nature and always puts others first .She is very organised all the time.(Morpurgo)

Bethany: She participates when she can and puts forward great ideas.

Sophie: She is lots of fun and loves to help out. She is full of humour and never fails to make people laugh.

Ribh: She is very mature and always finds the logical way around problems.(Dahl)

House Captains are over all the best. To leading assemblies to helping others our five Cs are so important to us and all the other values there are. We got voted in because we are trustworthy and helpful.

Good Luck To Next Year’s House Captains.

From The House Captains.