The right to vote – democracy at its best!

  Friday 13th; unlucky for some? Well for several children anyway – it was the day School Council candidates stood for election and not everyone could win, as there were only eight places (two candidates from Maple, Willow, Rowan and…
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Go-Girls! Fun Football Tournament @ Dyson Perrin

Early October and with the weather on our side – Year 5/6 girls left Martley to play 7 a-side! We gave our thanks to Dyson Perrins School , who not only allowed the ESFA Girls Primary School Football Tournament to take…
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The Bumba Jig visits Martley!

Monday 17th July 2017 was an extremely lucky day for Martley as we had a very special visitor – Cat Weatherill. Ms Weatherill is a very talented storyteller and author who came to share a very special book called The…
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