School Council Events

The right to vote – democracy at its best!

  Friday 13th; unlucky for some? Well for several children anyway – it was the day School Council candidates stood for election and not everyone could win, as there were only eight places (two candidates from Maple, Willow, Rowan and…
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Winners of our ‘Design a Red Nose’ competition!

Red Nose Day would once again be upon us and the school were holding a non-school uniform day to help raise funds. However, the School Council wanted to do something extra special for the day. During a meeting they discussed several ideas…
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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from the PTFA & School Council!

It was lovely to see the supportive ‘Mummies’ enter our school on Thursday 23rd March 2017 ready for a Mother’s Day service led by Reverend Anne. Attentively the audience listened to Reverend Anne’s wonderful story based on an Inuit’s mother’s love,…
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