Follow the Leader!


Sophie, Lana, Guy & Jacob

Monday morning and it promised to be a sunny day; our Young Leaders for 2016-17 (Guy, Jacob, Lana and Sophie) headed over to the Chantry School to meet other Young Leaders for their first training session.

With a mixture of emotions bubbling through them, they arrived ready and raring to go! After a warm up session given by Mrs Simmonds, Cluster PE Co-ordinator, they were divided up into groups, immediately working with other youngsters they didn’t know.

All the children were put into eight groups, each one was given different equipment to use, for example frisbees, bats and balls, ladders, skipping ropes, dodge balls. With that equipment they had to make up a game, rules for that game and then be able to present that game to the other groups.

It was a wonderful exercise to showcase all our 5 Cs; Creativity – the ideas for the games was amazing, the Co-operation – between the children fantastic, Compassion – shown to the losing teams, Courage – to try new things and Commitment – not giving up when things went wrong.

Game on:

A big thank you should go to Mrs Simmonds and the Chantry School for organising and hosting this event.

It was wonderful to hear the children talk about the event, below are some of their quotes:

“I think it’s really fun that you get to create your own games” Thomas, Abberley Primary School
Summing Up!

Mrs Simmonds summing up!

“Great to keep us fit!”, Lana, Martley CE Primary School
“I think it’s interesting”, Archie, Abberley Primary School, 
“It’s really fun, I’m loving learning to be a leader – it’s really fun to be able to do these things” Will, Great Witley Primary School
“I like learning to take responsibility!”, Sophie, Martley CE Primary School
“Fun, Fun, Fun!”, Guy, Martley CE Primary School
It’s a fun thing to do, not many people get to do it!”, Fin, Hallow Primary School
“I like making up the games””, Jacob, Martley CE Primary School


The Young Leaders really enjoyed the morning and learnt new skills and developed some they didn’t know they actually had! The big question asked was how could they develop and use these skills in their schools?

Guy, Jacob, Lana and Sophie wasted no time! Mrs Chilvers worked with them to introduce a lunchtime club to be held two times a week. The team decided it would be fair to develop a session for KS1 and the other for KS2. They discussed what they would like to lead during the sessions and eagerly started on Thursday the week of their training!

The Young Leaders were excellently prepared, and led the club really well using their communication skills and modifying the games when and where necessary.

Above are the KS2 children enjoying Switch Ball – a game invented by the Young Leaders during their lesson. Below KS1 having fun!

As you can see the club was a success with the other children!

Well done Young Leaders, really excellent start and we all look forward to seeing them continue to showcase and develop their skills.

A very proud Mrs Shena Chilvers

Teaching Assistant