Give me a ….. Cheerleading Festival!

Hands on our hips, smile on our lips, spirit in our heart, we’re ready to start!

From bases and basket tosses to cupies and cradle catches, nine girls from KS2 discovered what it’s was like to be cheerleaders!

On 7th November The Chantry Young Leaders hosted and led a Cheerleading Festival for several primary school pupils. Great fun was had by all!

Check out some cheerleading terminology!

  • Attack The Crowd – A technique used to get the audience involved in a cheer, dance or song. This might mean cheering with a bit more enthusiasm or giving the crowd the “raise the roof” sign.
  • Arabesque – One leg is down straight and the other leg is behind you almost at a ninety degree angle to your back.
  • Base – This is the cheerleader or cheerleaders who stay on the ground or floor while lifting the flyer into a stunt. A base is the person on the bottom of a stunt or pyramid.
  • Basket Toss – A stunt usually using three or more bases who toss the flyer into the air. Two of the bases have interlocked their hands. In the air the flyer may do any jump before returning to the cradle.
  • Bloomers – Matching underpants worn under a cheerleader’s skirt.
  • Buckets – Buckets are when a cheerleader holds their arms straight out in front, with their fists facing down as if they were holding the handle of a bucket in each hand.
  • Candle Sticks – A cheer motion where a cheerleader extends their arms out in front with fists facing each other as if they were holding a lit candle in each hand.
  • Cradle Catch – An end movement where a base catches a flyer after tossing them in the air. The base holds the flyer under their thighs and around their back.
  • Cupie – One base holds up a flyer with one hand. The base’s arm is fully extended and both of the flyer’s feet are in the base’s one hand. This stunt is also known as awesome.
  • Deadman – When the flyer falls backwards or forwards out of a stunt. Three or four people catch the flyer and could possibly push the flyer back up to the bases hands.