Maple Class Monster Day!

Miss Smith’s brother, Harvey, came into Maple Class on Thursday 4th January 2018.  Harvey is a special effects artist. First, he showed us a video of the things he has done. It was super! He then showed us his own creations. They were interesting and incredible! Then we made our own monsters out of clay. We also made a cast of Mrs Darby’s hand. As a class, we took it in turns to make a goblin with Harvey. We all thought it was a fantastic and brilliant day. We had lots of fun.

Written by Lexie, Erin, Adam, Millie P, Benjamin and Paige.

Thank you to Harvey and all of the parents for their interest in the work in the session immediately after school on the first day back.


Here are some quotes from the children:

“It was enchanting!” by Millie P

“It was amazing working with Harvey!” Erin and Lexie

“I liked making our clay monsters!” Adam

“Making a goblin was the best!” Benjamin

“Harvey let us use his tools.” Paige