Martley CE Primary makes the front page news!

YOUTH SPORT: Primary schools tag rugby at Malvern RFC

YOUTH SPORT: Primary schools tag rugby at Malvern RFC

Action from the Tag Rugby Festival, held at Malvern Rugby Club…….. Martley CE Primary School (Maroon) v Eldersfield Lawn CE Primary School (Blue)..Pic Jonathan Barry 18.5.18…

THESE pictures show our county’s talented young sports stars in action – and we want to see more of your photos.

To celebrate the sporting talent of children across Worcestershire, the Worcester News is publishing pictures in the newspaper and online.

Today, we’re featuring the tag rugby festival in Malvern where schools from across the county gathered in glorious sunshine to enjoy one of their sport’s big days.

Up to now, most of the pictures that we have featured in this regular slot have shown our young footballers and rugby players.

But, with the changing of the season, it’s not just going to be football and rugby, and we’re now looking forward to featuring pictures of lots of other sports including cricket, netball, hockey, athletics, gymnastics, swimming and martial arts.

Our photographers will be out and about taking shots at matches and events.

But we also want pictures from parents, coaches, spectators and amateur photographers who want to see their images in the newspaper and online – and seen by tens of thousands of people – with their name published to credit them.

We’re looking for team photos before the match as well as action shots, and just the name of the club or clubs involved.

There’s no need to send us the names of the children taking part.

If you’re involved in youth sport and want us to cover your team, or you can send us pictures of matches, please email editor Michael Purton at

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Rules of the tournament

Teams of 7 players on the pitch. No more than 4 boys or 4 girls on the pitch at any one time.

If more than one team is entered by a school, players are NOT permitted to play for more than one school team. Any breach of this rule may lead to disqualification from the tournament.

Matches are of 10 minutes duration.

Games are scored by a number of tries.

The ball should be passed backwards through the air, if the ball is handed to another player or passed/knocked forwards a free pass will be given to the non-offending side.

FREE PASSES: – A free pass is used to start the match and given for all restarts.

At a free pass, the opposition must be 7 metres back from the mark. The player taking the free pass must pass the ball and not just run with it when the referee calls ‘PLAY’.

If an infringement takes place or the ball goes into touch within 7 metres of the goal line, the free pass will be awarded 7n metres from the goal line.

TAGGING: – All players to wear a tag belt with 2 tags attached on the hips and on the outside of the shirt so they are not obscured.

When a tag is made the ‘tagger’ must hold the tag in the air above their head and shout ‘TAG’.

When the ball carrier is tagged they must pass the ball to a team mate within 3 seconds (3 strides). The player is only allowed to take one step after being tagged to score a try.

The tagged player must retrieve their tag from the tagger and replace it on their belt before re-joining play.

5 tag rule. At the 5th tag, the referee will stop the game and give the ball to the other side by awarding a free pass at the point the tag took place. If this takes place one step from the try line and the ball is grounded the try will be disallowed and a 7 metre free pass will be awarded.

NO CONTACT.  The ball carrier must not deliberately make contact with an opponent.

  • No barging or shirt pulling allowed.
  • Players must remain on their fee at all times.
  • No tackling
  • No kicking.
  • No hand/fend off.
  • No diving for a try.
  • No stripping of the ball.