“MUSIC – is the art of thinking with sounds!” Jules Combarieu

Showtime! Marltey’s music assembly was a wonderful way for the children to showcase their amazing talents! Parents were entertained all afternoon with all of KS2 and some of KS1 performing some of the songs/music pieces they had recently been studying.


Ms Nicky Daw, an extremely talented cornets yr 4teacher who visits us every Tuesday, started the event rolling with our Year 4 cornet players. This instrument isn’t an easy one to muster, lots of lip buzzing techniques required!

The children love the cornet and their total ownership of the instrument. They take it home to practice and have learnt how to look after it, as keeping it clean and in tune is obviously extremely important. As well as this they have learnt to read and play wonderful tunes. Great improvement has been shown since the beginning of learning this very difficult instrument. Well done Year 4s, your perseverance (our trending value at present) is definitely paying off!



Next our Year 3s showcased their recorder talents lead by Hazel Whitefoot, who teaches them on a Tuesday. It is wonderful to see the journey from most of the children not being able to read or play a note, to now playing wonderful tunes in time. Well done Year 3s you should be very proud of yourselves.

Ms Daw introduced our talented guitarists, who strummed out some well known tunes, whilst some of the audience played their very own air guitars! The commitment shown by these children to learning this instrument was commemorated by the audience silence during their playing.

(Can you spot your family/yourself?)

Choir landscape

Miss Richardson, our new choir master, conducted the committed choir, showcasing the talents of a few solo artists. The eye of the tiger actions gave us all a massive smile on our face. Congratulations to all involved.

With a song in their step the audience moved outside – the sun and the drums beating in unison! Clever  Mr Gareth Hughes was prepared and had set out the drums in the shaded ball pen area. The audience crowded round to listen firstly to some of KS1 children, playing a wonderful tune that they had very little time to practice. Music is such an amazing thing – it teaches children so many things: patience, counting, listening skills, tones, taking turns, following instructions and many many more. The younger children loved their time with the very talented Mr Hughes and can’t wait until they have more drumming lessons when they reach KS2.

Mr Hughes led the KS2 classes in turn, the children played various different drums, moving between them efficiently.

drums landscape

Thank you to all involved, the audience and their contagious applauding; the children and their never ending amazing attitude to these events (showing many of our 5Cs, especially courage and creativity!); and last but not least the teachers for enabling this event to proceed.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Gareth Hughes quote

Nicky Daw

Hazel Whitefoot

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