School Council WIN by showcasing their use of democracy!

Worcestershire County Council asked for the help of local School Council members to help them gather children’s opinions to enable them to further develop their Children and Young People’s plan for the area.

The competition went out to all local schools stating that one of the fundamental British values was democracy and the competition would give an opportunity to get involved with this value.

School Council members had five questions to ask their fellow pupils and they could send the responses back to the council in any format:


  • What is the most important thing in your life?
  • What things do you like to do in your spare time?
  • Do you face any challenges or obstacles in your life, if so, what are they?
  • How could your life be improved?
  • If you were king or queen of Worcestershire for a day what would you change and why?

The School Council decided they wanted to let every child have a chance to respond and the best way of doing this would be to write questionnaire sheets out and present them to each class for discussion and filling out.

The sheets were then collated and sent off and fingers crossed.

We received a wonderful letter back from Worcestershire Children along with a certificate saying we were one of the WINNERS.

The judges stated:

Martley’s school council response showed the importance of their role and the true meaning of democracy by sending questionnaires out to all the children in the school. So many children completed these and gave some wonderful responses. There were some fantastic drawing from the children to illustrate their ideas and things that were important too them. The information gave so much insight into things that were not only important but that presented challenges these ranged from friendship and brothers and sisters to homework and handwriting. Children also talked about how they would want to help local communities and talked about issues like homelessness, drugs and people living without much money. The response from Martley was a real pleasure to read and was a great way of bringing to life the wide variety of views from children It really showed the importance of consultation and how effective gaining feedback is for our Worcestershire’s Children and Young People’s Plan.

The children also won a visit to their local Fire Station which they are extremely excited about!