Mother’s Day Assembly

Opening Prayer

Mothering God, you love us and care for us in all our needs. We give you thanks for our mothers and for all the women in our lives who love us and care for us like mothers. We pray that you will bless them in all that they need. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Armen

On Thursday 8th March 2018, we held our Annual Mother’s Day Assembly in school. It was a full house as we had so many Mums and Grandmas in attendance as well as Reverend Sherwin, Reverend Becky and Open the Book team!

Reverend Sherwin asked the children in KS2 to write a value attributed to mums, but little did they know that the mums had been asked to write them about the children. These were written on post-it notes and displayed during assembly (yellow for adults, pink for children).

Mums described the children as helpful, kind, funny, artistic and generous.

Most of the children described their Mums as being caring and loving but their were some other words describe too: busy, beautiful, special, incredible and extraordinary!

The school choir entertained us all with a song and Year 6 read poems and prayers about mothers.

Of course no assembly with Reverend Sherwin would be complete without an appearance by his puppets. Reverend Sherwin used them to tell us all about special Mums in the bible.

To end our assembly, the children delivered bunches of daffodils to the ladies and even Mr Massey had a bunch! We all thought about how special our Mums are and how important it is to us to tell them you love them.’

The event was a great ‘opportunity for our communities to come together. as not only did we have our wonderful volunteers from Open the Book, but also our fabulous PTFA who offered pre drinks and snacks with the help of the School Council. Some of our School Governors also had a chance to have a relaxed chat with all parties present.

Thank you to all those Mums out there – God Bless you all.