Open Day with a special visitor – MP Harriett Baldwin

Open Day at Martley CE Primary School saw an extra special visitor!

On Friday 6th October, Martley CE Primary School held their yearly Open Day. It was a wonderful experience for the children and staff to welcome existing/prospective parents and children to the school.

But there was one special visitor they were really excited about meeting – Mrs Harriett Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire constituency.


Mrs Baldwin started her visit by speaking with Oak Class (Years 5/6) and explaining what her job entailed. She quizzed them and helped develop their knowledge about parliamentary life and her constituency area. The children then asked their questions which they had previously prepared from earlier lessons on democracy and British Values, with Mrs Cox.

Mrs Baldwin then asked the children to pick a subject they would like to debate. The lively topic of school uniform (always a good one!) was chosen.

At this point the classroom came alive – a re-enactment of what happens in parliament became real for Oak Class. Ayes and Nos being shouted, Mrs Baldwin, who was the Speaker, had to shout ‘Order’, ‘Order’ several times!

It was explained how in the Houses of Parliament the votes of each MP is recorded, which enables the people to have a record of how their MP votes on their behalf.

Mrs Baldwin then asked the children what they would like her help with. The main themes were animal welfare and the environment. The children were really grateful to have an MP listen to their concerns.

Next Mrs Baldwin kindly accepted to ‘officially’ open the refurbished Pre-School. [Due to a recent flood from a boiler, the Pre-School had to close whilst work was carried out to make it fit for purpose.] All the Early Years children had gathered, fresh from their music lesson, delivered by Sarah Smith. They were bursting with excitement and ready to sing a ‘post ribbon cutting’ song!



Following this, Mrs Baldwin was then asked to ‘officially’ open Holly Class’s new outside play area, which has had a complete facelift using a very colourful astro turf flooring. This time Oak Class and Early Years children gathered together to sing their favourite Harvest song, Big Red Combine Harvester. Mrs Baldwin was a natural, singing along and joining in the actions.

The children decided that the acronym MP, not only stood for Member of Parliament but also Most Pleasurable – that’s how the children and staff felt the afternoon had been after a visit from Mrs Baldwin!

Winding up a pleasurable afternoon, Mrs Baldwin quoted:

“One of the best parts of my job is to visit local primary schools and it was a pleasure to talk to the pupils about my job and to discuss some really important issues affecting them.

“There were lots of questions about Brexit and animal welfare issues and the class were excited to hear about the ivory ban.  The school is preparing for their own school elections so I was delighted to share a few tips with the budding politicians about how to campaign.

“It was a pleasure to be invited to open the new facilities and join in the celebrations of the new building work and I am pleased to see the school thriving.”

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