Photography Club

Photography Club meet every Tuesday afternoon after school with Miss House. The sessions have focused on finding our ‘photographic eye’ by developing a few basic skills as well as having fun with the enjoyment of taking photos! If you or someone else likes it – it’s a good photo!

The children have considered the composition of their photos by using the ‘rule of thirds’ while considering the background along with the main subject. We have explored ‘filling the frame’ by using close up shots of more than one of the same subject.

A tricky technique the children explored was to show movement on a still photo – a blurry background with the subject in focus can achieve this.

A technique which is hard not to enjoy is ‘forced perspective’! The thought, planning and re-taking of photos to get it ‘just right’ is worth the hard work once you see the results!

As well as photos taken at school the children have continued to put their learning into practise at home.

Here are a few of the photos the children have taken! Enjoy!