Row Row Row the boat…

and many other songs could be heard on the River Severn on Tuesday 20th June as Year 6 had a fantastic day out learning all about bell boating.

Bell boats are dual hulled boats and are very stable, making them a brilliant introduction to water sports for young children. Using two boats, we explored the river up stream and down, including passing under Worcester Bridge!

All our 5 Cs values were on show once again: Courage – tackling something new for most of the children and for those afraid of water; Co-operation – great team work, especially working on timing; Compassion – shown to those children who found paddling tricky; Commitment – the need to keep on trying and going; Creativity – problem solving, the children had to work out who would be best in which position to ensure they rowed the fastest and most efficiently.

There was plenty of time to hone our racing skills – very helpful as we are participating in a county regatta in July! Many thanks to our excellent host Emily, who trains at Worcester Rowing Club.

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