Shield Winners @ Malvern Hills Tag Rugby Tournament!

19 schools – 32 teams – met at Malvern Rugby Club for a tag rugby tournament. Our Year 5/6 team of 12 were in school early, even though it was a Friday! They made the school proud even before they arrived at the event by their impeccable behaviour on a shared coach with Lower Broadheath and Broadwas.

Tarpaulin placed on the very damp ground ensured we had a base, whilst Lower Broadheath and Broadwas set up their gazebos next to us. It was wonderful to see what a social event this tournament turned into. Schools coming together and the children having a chance to chat with each other, discussing the recent SATs and for some, the up and coming transition to .high school.

The first game of 7 a side was at 10 am, the team and belts were organised and great excitement fizzed in the air. However Martley lost the first 2 games both by 1-2. However, our teams (ever changing to ensure every one got fair play) never gave up – demonstrating the present value we have been focusing on – perseverance – in great abundance. This paid off as Martley won the third game 6-1!  Then it was time for a well deserved lunch break!

The team thought they didn’t have a chance of winning the tournament, so Mrs Chilvers adopted the tactic of not telling them that they still had a chance to win something – the Shield! The children played just to win each game if they could, to enjoy the event and share playing as equally as possible. Four more games were left to play and the children were fantastic, giving everything they had and winning them all!

ShieldThe last game was played against Malvern Wells B team (who were extremely good) and Martley won! The children were so happy. However, it was magical to see their faces when they realised that winning that last game meant they had won the Shield! “Thank goodness you didn’t tell us”, “I’m glad I didn’t know I would have been so nervous!”, “Wow that is amazing!”, “Really…”, “Unreal!”, “Sick” were a few of the comments exclaimed after hearing the news.

Well done to all 12 team members;  you worked well together (Co-operation), never moaned when you couldn’t play and knew others had to have a go (Compassion), played to win and always tried your best (Commitment), became captain for a game (Courage) and coped with the change of players and therefore how you played in that team (Creativity).

It was wonderful for Mrs Dawe to give up her time to help with the tournament and the team responded well to her encouragement! Big thank you Mrs Dawe from all of us at Martley!

Thanks should also be given to all those that gave their time organising this event and volunteers: score keepers, refs, lines people, canteen staff and Malvern Rugby Club for letting us use their facilities.

More comments from the team:

“It was really fun and so active, I really really enjoyed it!” Xander

“It was a great experience and I would definately go again!!” Leah

“It was fun and sociable, I would do it again.” Dakota

“It was amazing. I would recommend it.” Clarissa

“It was very good and we worked well as a team!” Josh

“It was the best experience of my life!” Ben

“Awesome!” Luke

“It was a great chance to get together with other schools and was a fantastic experience!” Charlie

“Can I go next year?!” Guy

“I really enjoyed it and got much better at tagging!” Lana

“I got more confident as I played more games.” Sophie

“A great tournament and I was very pleased to be chosen!” Eva

Malvern Gazette covered this event!