The right to vote – democracy at its best!


Friday 13th; unlucky for some? Well for several children anyway – it was the day School Council candidates stood for election and not everyone could win, as there were only eight places (two candidates from Maple, Willow, Rowan and Oak)!

Harriet Baldwin MP

Earlier in the week candidates had made their speeches to their class and with the echo of MP Harriett Baldwin’s tips on canvassing still ringing in some pupils ears, constant persuasion from the candidates could be heard around the playground. Cries of “Vote for me because…” It was wonderful to see so many children step up to the challenge of writing a good persuasive speech and then deliver it to the whole class with passion and conviction. Well done to all the candidates, they should be very proud of themselves.

Polling station

The hall was transformed into a Polling Station and all of Year 1 to Year 6 children had a chance to vote. Last year’s School Council members stood as Officials. They helped to bring each class in turn into the hall and line them up and did a marvelous job, once again demonstrating brilliant team skills that had been shown constantly throughout last year.

X marks the spot

The pupils then had to say their names, which the Officials crossesd off a list (to ensure they would only have one vote). They were then given a voting slip with the candidates names on; ‘X’ marked their chosen candidate and the form was then placed in a Ballot Box. This was great fun, every child couldn’t help but smile.

The children loved this real-life experience. Before each class left, they were thanked for voting and it was explained that this process was called a secret vote. Once again it was reiterated how important it was to use a vote and how lucky we are to live in a democratic country that allows this.

The Ballot Box was taken away and the votes counted! Watch the Events and School Council page to see who the successful candidates were!

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