Winners of our ‘Design a Red Nose’ competition!

Red Nose Day would once again be upon us and the school were holding a non-school uniform day to help raise funds. However, the School Council wanted to do something extra special for the day. During a meeting they discussed several ideas but the one that won the vote was ‘Design a Red Nose’ competition.  The School Council would need to hold an assembly to explain this to the school. So with extreme efficiency they organised a powerpoint presentation, designed a picture frame for the children to use and wrote speeches.


Click here to view the presentation

During the assembly the School Council used their presentation to explain why Red Nose Day is important and why they would be selling Red Noses to help raise funds, Great excitement oozed from the audience upon hearing there would be a competition to be judged by the School Council and winners would be awarded on Friday 24th March – Red Nose Day!

The response to the competition amazed the School Council! Choosing winners from all the extremely creative drawings proved to be a really difficult, yet enjoyable task. Once the winners had been chosen work started on speeches and displays, whilst the Treasurer, Luke, counted money raised from the Red Noses.

Friday, 24th March 2017 – The School Council, efficient as always, set up the assembly. The Chairperson, Felicity, opened the assembly with an amazing speech, reminding the audience and explaining the importance of why and who we raise money for. Then it was time to declare the winners!

Well done all you winners! All entries have been displayed in the hall and a big thank you to all of you that entered (also thank you to Mr Andrew Chilvers and Mr Massey for donating the Red Nose gifts).

A great event organised by the School Council – all of our 5 Cs values in action! Well done you should be proud of yourselves!

KS1 Winners:

1st Place: Vernon, 2nd Place: Millie, 3rd Place: Margot

Runners up: Holly, Megan A, Edward

KS2 Winners:

1st Place: Darcey, 2nd Place: Ribh, 3rd Place: Guy

Runners up: Katie H, James, Xander