Worcestershire FA Primary School Girls Festival

IMG_5540This time we were lucky with the weather – this event had already been rained off once and the girls were praying for a dry day! Nine girls, seven from Year 6 and two from Year 5, were lucky enough to be invited to join in the Worcestershire FA Girls Football Festival.

Four other schools also attended: Birchensale (2 teams), Perry Wood, Begeworth and Hollymount. Unfortunately less schools were able to make the amended date than originally organised, but this meant there was more time for the various events.

IMG_5635Martley kicked off the afternoon with the Wildcats! The girls had a chance to practice agility skills, playing games such as teacup and saucer, which was continually extended to incorporate dribbling and toe taps.



Next it was a chance for the girls to see if they fancied becoming a striker! The girls split into two teams, and would alternate taking turns on the Speed Cage and Target Shooting castles. They loved these activities, but alas no one beat Miss Lillis’ speed of 75!

IMG_5554IMG_5556At last a rest for the girls and a visit to the beauty salon where hair braiding and face painting was on the agenda (well you’ve got to look your best whilst scoring/saving those goals!)

A quick lesson on refereeing was next and the girls were happy to be given a whistle (not sure how the parents felt about that when they took them back home!). Learning which way to point the flags and what to say enlightened the girls knowledge and was helpful when they played some games later on in the afternoon.

IMG_5687Before the start of the quick matches, the girls learnt how to develop their FA skills: marking up, finding space, control, pace and shooting.






Eventually it was time to put all what they had learnt into practice – four games! These were 5 aside and lasted only 15 minutes each, which was enough in the heat for the girls to give as much as they could. No scores were recorded, as this event was purely for fun!

IMG_5697Finally it was time for the girls to say a big thank you to Laura McGinn, the amazing lady who organised and reorganised the festival. The girls were also given a goody bag full of fun things to remind them of their wonderful fun packed afternoon. The aim of this was to allow the girls to experience the fun in football with the hope that they may join a local team.

The girls are to be congratulated on demonstrating all of our 5Cs during this festival and their behaviour was impeccable. Well done!