Young Leaders training @The Chantry

During May the Young Leaders were given further training at The Chantry. They had already been developing their own leadership skills as well as enhancing others sporting experiences at lunchtimes in the school, and continue to be a vital part of the playground by inspiring others to become more active socially, physically and mentally.

The training inspired the Young Leaders to develop games whilst learning some more traditional games. They learnt how important group sizes were in keeping the children playing engaged and how to develop games to further develop their audience.

The Young Leaders found this training invaluable and gave them a confidence boost. They returned to the playground full of new ideas and immediately put them into practice.

It is important the school develops these young people as it enables them to:

  • Show a desire to improve and achieve set outcomes
  • Identify and recognise how they contribute to pupil’s overall well-being and learning
  • Set attainable but desirable goals
  • Be able to lead a series of activities for ages 5-11
  • Promote our 5 Cs values