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Being a Church school


Christian values form the foundation of our ethos, creating a caring atmosphere where all are valued.  We provide a stimulating environment with a challenging curriculum to maximize individual potential.  We believe that children’s involvement with local and international communities engender appreciation and understanding of the wider world.

Being a Church of England school means that our ethos is based on the Christian values of loving one another. We treat each one of our children as a unique individual with their own gifts and talents.  Our school is open to people of all faiths as well as those of none. We do not seek to encourage children to believe in any one faith, but to begin to form their own personal set of beliefs.

We recognise the importance of coming together and cherish these special times. Whether celebrating the main festivals of the year or learning about customs or traditions, our special times allows us to grow together as a community and build memories that last for life.

Collective Worship

We hold an assembly with an act of collective worship every day within school.  We see this as important time for the school to reflect on spiritual and moral issues.  As a Church of England school our assemblies usually have a religious element and we enjoy close links with the Canon Reverend David Sherwin of St Peters Church, who regularly takes assembly. We also have an excellent ‘Open the Book’ team who regularly bring stories from the Bible to life for the children in interactive and reflective assemblies.

St Peter’s Church

Collective Worship Values

Bible stories may change but still link with each value – see separate yearly plan devised in conjunction with Mrs Helen Sandison and Rev Sherwin.

Month Value Suggested Bible Stories Stories from Other Religions School Links
September Fairness/Justice Week 1: Moses and Pharaoh (Exodus 4-6 Lion Bible for Children p80))

Week 2: The True Mother (1 Kings 3 –  Lion Bible for Children p153)

Week 3: Jonah the Groaner

Week 4: A Rich Young Man (Matthew 19 –  Lion Bible for Children p265 )

Sikh story – The Rich Man and the Needle of Heaven School Council Elections


Caring/Compassion Week 1: David Spares Saul (1 Samuel 23,24 – Lion Bible for Children p135)

Week 2: The Good Samaritan (Luke 10 –  Lion Bible for Children p268 )

Week 3: David’s Kindness (2 Samuel 9 – Lion Bible for Children p 141)

Week 4: Jesus Heals a Leper (Luke 5 –  Lion Bible for Children p235)

Jewish story – The Baby in the Bulrushes Harvest
November Peace Week 1: The Message of Isaiah (Isaiah 2,3,11 –  Lion Bible for Children p186)

Week 2: The Promised King (Isaiah 9, Micah 5  Lion Bible for Children p209)

Week 3: Mary, Martha & Lazarus (Luke 10  Lion Bible for Children p273)

Week 4:  The angels sing of peace on earth when Jesus is born (Luke 2: 8-16)

Buddhist story – The Bath of the Buddha (Anita Ganeri) Remembrance
December Love Week 1:  The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:26-37)

Week 2:  God’s Love (Luke 15)Mary and Joseph (Matthew 1)

Week 3:  The Story of Mary  and Elizabeth (including  the Magnificat)

Week 4:  Mary and Joseph (Matthew 1 and Luke 2:1-20)


Jewish Story –

The Story of Ruth



January Respect Week 1: Mysterious Visitors (Genesis 18 – Lion Bible for Children p34)

Week 2: The Burning Bush (Exodus 2-4 Lion Bible for Children p78)

Week 3: The Woman Who Touched Jesus (Luke 8 Lion Bible for Children p256)

Week 4: A House of Prayer (Matthew 21 – Lion Bible for Children p 277)

Buddhist Story:

Siddhartha and the Swan

February Courage Week 1: The Temptation of Christ

Week 2:David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17 – Lion Bible for Children p129)

Week 3: Daniel and the Lions (Daniel 6 – Lion Storyteller Bible p 56)

Week 4: A Test of Courage (Esther 2-9 – Lion Bible for Children p200)

Buddhist story:

Angulimala the Robber (Anita Ganeri)

March Forgiveness Week 1:Jesus and the Tax Man

Week 2: The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (Matthew 18: 21-35)

Week 3:The Woman Who Anoints Jesus (Luke 7:36 – 50)

Week 4:The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 2, Luke 11 – The Lion Bible for Children  p252)

Jewish Story:

Joseph and His Brothers



April Co-operation/


Week 1: Jonathan and David – Friendship in Good Times and Bad (1 Samuel 18 – Lion Bible for Children p133)

Week 2:Down Through the Roof (Luke 5 – Lion Storyteller Bible p 72)

Week 3: The Helpful Servant (2 Kings 5 – Lion Storyteller Bible p50)

Week 4: Jesus’ Special Friends (Luke 5 – Lion Storyteller Bible p 70)

Islamic Story:

The Thief and the Veil

May Perseverance Week 1: A Flood and a Rainbow (Genesis 6 – 9 Lion Bible for Children p22)

Week 2: Persevering to Finish the job ( A Time to Build – Lion Storyteller Bible p58)

Week 3:Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 11 – Lion Bible for Children p28)

Week 4: Moses and the Promised Land (Numbers 20, Deuteronomy 31,34 – Lion Bible for Children p97)

Hindu Story:

Rama Rescues Sita

Islamic Story:

Musa Follows a Wise Man

June Honesty Week 1: The Bad Brother (Genesis 27 – Lion Storyteller Bible p 20)

Week 2: A Sad Day ( Genesis 3 – Lion Storyteller Bible p 12)

Week 3: A Miracle on the Damascus Road

( Acts 9 – Lion Bible for Children p313)

Week 4: Standing for the Truth – Saint Lucy (Teaching Christian Values in Primary Schools p238)

Buddhist Story:

The Search for Truth (Anita Ganeri)

Islamic Story:

Bilal and the Call to Prayer (Anita Ganeri)

Sports Day
July Thankfulness Week 1: The Man Who Came Back (Luke 17 – Lion Bible for Children p96)

Week 2: A Gift of Perfume (Luke 7 – Lion Bible for Children p 254)

Week 3: Time to Get Up – Jairus’ daughter (Matthew 9 –  Lion Bible for Children p 76))

Week 4: Psalm 148 (Lion Bible for Children p151)/ Leavers Service

Islamic Stories:

The Prophet Escapes from Medina

The Night of the Journey (Anita Ganeri)


Leaver’s Service

Monday – Head teacher to introduce and give examples of each value

Tuesday – Reflection in class

Wednesday – Singing (to include hymn and prayer)

Thursday – OTB/Rev Sherwin to link bible story

Friday – Celebration Assembly linked with praising individuals who have demonstrated the value.

Actions discussed in meeting with Lucy Cox, Rev Sherwin and Helen Sandison 24.11.15

  1. Collective Worship focus in hall – liturgical colours, bible verse, candle/ Prayer corners in class (prayer baskets which children can add to)
  • Begin with lighting candle
  • Peace be with you/ Lord draw near – response from children
  • Bible story/how it relates to children’s own lives
  • Prayer, blow candle out

Open the Book Plan 2016-17



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