Holly class

Welcome to Holly Class

This year in Holly Class we have Reception and Year 1. Our teacher is Miss Smallwood and our teaching assistant is Ms Kim. We really enjoy learning through our play, and enjoy exploring lots of different challenges through our play, using our special Challenge Bear!
We love learning about new and exciting stories, and often use these to create our own stories. Each day we have a Phonics session, where we practice blending and segmenting phonemes, digraphs and trigraphs to help us to read and write. The Reception children have Phonics with Miss Smallwood, and Year 1 have Phonics with Miss Smith in Maple Class.
We also have a Magic Maths session each day, where we learn all about Numbers and Shape, Space and Measures. Each Monday afternoon we have a Forest School session which we all enjoy. We also practice music each Friday afternoon, exploring the different sounds and beats we can make with a range of musical instruments.