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communityCommunity Cohesion

At Martley CE Primary we recognise that community cohesion means working towards a society in which there is a common vision and sense of belonging by all communities: where backgrounds and circumstances are appreciated and valued; equality is embraced and strong and positive relationships are nurtured in the workplace in school and in the wider community.

Our school’s role is crucial. By creating opportunities for pupils’ achievement and enabling every child to achieve their potential, our school makes a significant contribution to long term community cohesion.

We recognise that cohesion is important in avoiding the effects of all forms of intolerance and building bridges between different groups, ensuring respect for diversity.

Our schools curriculum recognises, where possible the need to promote community cohesion including across different cultures, ethnic, religious or non-religious and socio-economic groups.

We recognise that we are our small rural village church school in Worcestershire and welcome the opportunities and acknowledge the challenges that this brings.

Our strong links with the church ensure that the school is a celebrated part of the community, regularly leading and contributing to local services, including harvest, remembrance, Christmas and Easter.

We are regular contributors to our local village magazine, describing the schools events.

We actively pursue links with our local community, including our local cluster of schools, the Chantry High school and Sport Martley facility directly adjacent to our school. We have also strong links with local facilities such as the local residential home, local businesses and the Village Hall and community. We regularly visit these facilities participating in community events such as the village show and singing with the residents of the local residential retirement home.

We actively pursue links with local sports clubs and those slightly further afield such as West Bromwich Albion and Kidderminster Harriers football clubs, Worcestershire cricket and rugby clubs and are active participants of the West Worcestershire sports cluster.

We recognise that we have to actively broaden the children’s and families experience beyond the immediate village and locality. We include visits to museums and theatres in. Birmingham and Wolverhampton as an active part of our curriculum enrichment. We visit a variety of places of worship as part of our R.E studies. We invite a range of speakers to visit us in school to broaden the children’s experiences. These have included charity workers, an orchestra from USA, a polar explorer and a Paralympic athlete.

We are an Eco school and have held green flag status. The principles of sustainability and stewardship and care for our planet are drivers in our curriculum planning and development.

The children actively contribute to fund raising for charities, both local, national and global. The choices of charity support also include child initiated and organised fundraising, including bring and buy sales, cake sales and sponsored events.

We have active partnerships with a high school in Germany, through the local high school’s collaboration with the school and also have a very active partnership with Kambarage Primary school and the diocese of Morogoro in Tanzania. We develop the partnership through engagement with the

We regularly review our current practice, identify any gaps and devise an action plan to address these in order to promote community cohesion. We monitor our progress towards our aims and review our provision on an annual basis. Our next steps include developing links with a school in a contrasting locality. This might include developing communication through blogging.The idea behind this is that the children will share more frequently work and learning activities with a view to developing visits to each other’s school and localities.