Eco school

Eco-Action Team


The ecoschoolEco-Action Team is made up of two representatives from each class along with some adult representatives.  They meet regularly in order to make our school more eco-friendly. Due to their hard work Martley Primary now has a Silver Award for Eco Schools and we are now awaiting assessment for a Green Flag award. Here are some of the projects that they have been working on.


The Action Team and Eco club have installed a compost bin and a wormery within the school  grounds. The Action Team members now collect any fruit waste from break times to create compost for the vegetable garden.

Switch It Off Week

The Eco-Action Team led a whole school assembly and encouraged us all to turn off lights and appliances that werlight bulbe not being used. They still regularly measure our electricity usage in an aim to reduce our energy use and reduce our carbon footprint.

Fair Trade Fortnight

Fair TradeAs part of the National Fairtrade Fortnight the Action Team encouraged everybody to bring a Fair Trade banana to school and be part of a nationwide banana eating competition!


The vegetable garden has been weeded and bean plants have been transplanted into it. We hope they’re as successful as last year’s crop of vegetables!