Martley Church of England Primary School’s Governing Body supports the school and the Executive Head Teacher. Underpinning our decision making is a strong Christian ethos. We aim to ensure the school has clear aims and values that are championed by the whole school community. All the work we do has pupil achievement and progress and school improvement at its heart. We work with the Executive Head Teacher and staff in raising standards of achievement, establishing high expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning so that every pupil achieves to the best of his or her ability.

The Governing Body has a role to play in monitoring and evaluating how the school is progressing and in this role we aim to strike a balance between supporting and challenging. We recognise and celebrate the achievements of the school and we provide support and promote encouraging strategies to bring about improvement. We are accountable to the whole school community for the performance of the school. As public office holders, all Governors work within the ‘Nolan principles’, which are the basis of the ethical standards known as the 7 principles of public life.

Michele Humphrey formally resigned from the position of Chair of Governors with effect from the end of the Autumn term 2017. The community of Martley CE Primary School thank her for her dedication, guidance and good humour during her term of office.

Lisa Watson agreed and was appointed as interim Chair of Governors in January 2018 and as Full Chair of Governors in July 2018.

The Vice Chair position remains as Darren Knight. A Clerk to the governors, Mrs Tracy Barnes, was appointed in November 2018

The Governing Body is in the process of reviewing the Governor Constitution.

Governors Information Chart

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Governors Information Chart 2015/16

Governors Information Chart 2016-17

Governors Attendance Chart

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings MARTLEY 2018 19
Gov attendance chart 16-17 for website updated 3.18

Governors Attendance Chart 2015/16 – click here

When do we meet and how do we work?

Flow Chart

Our full Governing Body meets at least once and sometimes twice a term. In order to delegate and share the responsibilities of the Governing Body effectively, we have two committees which meet separately from the full Governing Body. These committees are; Finance, Premises and Resources (which includes Pay & Personnel, Health & Safety) and Standards, Teaching and Learning.

Every Governor at Martley takes on a Link Governor role which allows individuals to focus on a key area in school, for example, literacy, numeracy, ICT or Health & Safety. Link Governors get to know one area of the school in more detail and reports from each link area enable the Governing Body to learn more about the school and provide information which supports strategic decisions around school improvement.

Year Planner 2018-2019

Gov Year Planner 2016-17

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Meet the Governors

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Andrew Hackley – Executive Headteacher

Canon Reverend David Sherwin – Foundation/Ex-officio

Lisa Watson – Parent/Chair Person

Darren Knight – Parent/Deputy Chair

Claire Maclean – Parent

Pat Finch – Foundation

Hilary Barber – Co-opted

Lucy Cox – Co-opted

Mandy Gardner – LA

Clerk – Tracy Barnes


Foundation Governor