School Council

School Council

Back: Oliver Y6, Felicity Y6, Lana Y5, Luke Y5, Middle: Ava Y3, Evie Y5 Front: Bailey Y2, Henry Y2


The School Council was set up to enable the children to have a say in the running of their own school. In this way, the children have a greater sense of belonging, become more confident when putting forward ideas and develop a greater understanding of the need to work cooperatively for the good of others.

They meet regularly to discuss ways in which to improve the school or to work on fund raising ideas.


Why we were elected!


SC voting

School Council Members having their vote!

One of the first things we needed to do was vote in a Chairperson, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. We thought this was great fun as it felt a bit like being a politician.

The results were:

Chairperson: Felicity

Deputy Chair: Lana

Secretary: Evie

Treasurer: Luke


Our Rules
  • Attend every meeting
  • Listen to each other and respect each other’s opinions
  • Act as a voice for our class.
  • Vote on any proposals.
  • Be prepared for every meeting.
  • Share ideas and actions with our class.
  • Prepare for School Council Assemblies when necessary.