Vision and ethos

Core Values – Our 5 Cs

Martley C of E Primary School provides a stable, caring and safe environment, underpinned by our Christian ethos, within which children and adults develop their own unique gifts.  We foster responsible, happy and healthy young people, who will go on to make a positive contribution to society. Throughout school life we work together in a respectful and cooperative partnership.

Through high quality teaching and learning in a stimulating environment, we embrace challenge and perseverance, whilst encouraging creativity, curiosity and spirituality. Our children are equipped with Christian values and life skills, which will prepare them for an ever changing world.

We also explore other values throughout each and every day. We learn and reflect upon these through our collective worship and our day to day life in school. Our Core values are:

Co-operation,   Compassion,   Commitment,  Creativity,   Courage

British Values

British Values

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development at Martley, including the promotion of fundamental British values, is an important aspect of the learning curriculum. Whether through sport, music, clubs, collective worship and celebrations or through specific curriculum links such as RE and History, SMSC development is a part of every school day.


Being a Church school

Christian values form the foundation of our ethos, creating a caring atmosphere where all are valued. We provide a stimulating environment with a challenging curriculum to maximize individual potential. We believe that children’s involvement with local and international communities engender appreciation and understanding of the wider world.

Being a Church of England school means that our ethos is based on the Christian values of loving one another. We treat each one of our children as a unique individual with their own gifts and talents. Our school is open to people of all faiths as well as those of none. We do not seek to encourage children to believe in any one faith, but to begin to form their own personal set of beliefs.

We recognise the importance of coming together and cherish these special times. Whether celebrating the main festivals of the year or learning about customs or traditions, our special times allows us to grow together as a community and build memories that last for life.

Collective WorshipIMG_8777

We hold an assembly with an act of collective worship every day within school. We see this as important time for the school to reflect on spiritual and moral issues. As a Church of England school our assemblies usually have a religious element and we enjoy close links with the Canon Reverend David Sherwin of St Peters Church, who regularly takes assembly. We also have an excellent ‘Open the Book’ team who regularly bring stories from the Bible to life for the children in interactive and reflective assemblies.

Our School Aims

At Martley CE Primary School we aim:

  • To provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum so that they acquire skills, knowledge and positive attitudes appropriate to their individual needs and abilities.
  • To encourage children to be self disciplined, independent and well motivated.
  • To provide an environment which is safe, caring, friendly and stimulating.
  • To encourage high standards of achievement, presentation and social behaviour.
  • To stress that we are all working together as part of a community and that each child and adult is a valued member of that community.
  • To encourage each child towards his/her potential in all areas, be they academic, social, spiritual, cultural or physical.
  • To encourage children to have and to show respect for themselves and others.
  • To ensure that the school does not operate in isolation but is actively involved in the life of the local community.
  • To foster good, open relationships with parents so that they may feel that the education of their children is a partnership between themselves and the school.
  • To promote a clear sense of spirituality and morality.